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Hi, I'm Lisette! I have always been passionate about art and music. I love creating in Photoshop and Illustrator and coding in HTML and CSS. I have been freelancing for over 15 years in the NJ & NYC areas. Learn more about me and my work. Visit my whimsical shop of apparel, art and gifts!

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It's hard to imagine what I'd do without Lisette. We met many years ago when I was the new gal in charge of marketing. When I left that company, I brought her with me everywhere I went from that point forward (literally, everywhere). We've been a dynamic duo ever since. Her positive attitude is always refreshing. Lisette brings creativity, spunk, resourcefulness, and dedication to every project.

- Jenna Weinerman, Updater

Lisette totally gets what our brand is about and is skilled to represent each of our values in every design she makes. Her work is creative, joyful and organized. She is detail-oriented, resourceful and upbeat.

- Martin Shore, Super Soccer Stars

I got lucky and the universe pointed me to Lisette. I needed an illustrator for my second children's book. It's gorgeous, eye-catching and her colors are playful and sophisticated. She is an absolute pleasure to work with - delightful, professional and talented. Lisette is a gem.

- Diane Rose-Solomon, SOP3 Publishing

I have had the pleasure to work with Lisette for about 8 years across a number of our projects/companies. She is an extremely talented web designer & graphic artist with a keen eye for detail and cutting edge design. She is among the very best and can take a project from an idea on a napkin to a cutting edge website very quickly.

- Jonathan Graves, Local Gold & Hyperboost

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