Chairs of Inclusion
Branding, Collateral, Invitations, Merchandise, Art Direction
The Chairs of Inclusion is a very special and meaningful project created in honor of the 10th anniversary of JSDD’s Wae Center. The center is a holistic, creative and expressive arts learning center for people with disabilities, dedicated to "Finding the Spark Within." For this momentous occasion, eleven life sized chairs were commissioned from professional artists, each of whom worked with the Center’s member artists to create a chair as an art or sculpture object. The chairs represent the commitment and belief that every person is entitled to a "seat at the table" – in our community and our family lives.

I have worked with JSDD's Wae Center since 2005, starting just a few months after they opened. I was the art studio manager through 2009 and I continue to work in the art studio as a facilitator once a week in addition to providing design services. For this milestone project, we wanted to create something memorable, strong and beautiful. The "Collage Chair" became central to the development of much of the collateral. The shape was taken from one of the Chairs of Inclusion paintings and the grid pattern is comprised of details from each completed Chair.

I designed the branding and various collateral including posters, invitations, brochures and merchandise. The "Collage" scarf became one of the Center's most popular items. As of 2016, the Chairs continue to be displayed at various locations and we recently added magnets and coasters to our collection of COI merchandise.