FlatRate Moving - Subway Posters
Poster Design, Art Direction
I was tasked with creating a set of interior subway posters for FlatRate Moving. The marketing team wanted it built around the tagline, "We Move New York.", and was looking for some great designs to match.

I came up with a few concepts focusing on what really makes New York, New York. I centered on diversity and the streets and buildings of NYC. For the first, I wanted to highlight the different faces of New York. I thought it would be neat to show them on a subway platform, since subways are very symbolic of New York and these were in fact subway posters. I transformed a standard NY subway sign to be FlatRate specific by changing the destination to their logo and headline, and replacing the subway lines with popular moving icons. I found a great set of stock character illustrations to work with the design. For the second poster, I created a New York skyline made from moving boxes. It showed a busy street filled with cars, taxis and of course, a FlatRate Moving truck.