JJ Goes to Puppy Class
Illustration, Book Design
This all started with a lovely email I received one morning in January 2014. An author, Diane Rose-Solomon, had found me through the Graphic Artist's Guild website. She was looking for an illustrator and book designer for a follow up to her award winning, self-published children's book, JJ the American Street Dog. The series is about animal rescue and a percentage of sales benefits animal rescue organizations. As an avid animal lover myself, I was very excited to get this message. We set up a time to talk to see if it was a good fit and I began the project about a month later.

As this was to be a part of a series, Diane expressed that it was important to keep the overall style, look and character designs similar to the first book. However, she understood and was supportive that some of myself would come through and the illustration style need not be identical. It was an interesting and sometimes challenging process to create these pictures in a pre-existing style with my own spin. I worked on this book for the next several months and we completed it in the early fall. Diane and I were both very happy with the final outcome and I loved seeing these hilarious situations she wrote about come to life! It was so great when I got to hear this fun, educational story being read to one of my friend's little ones. I saw firsthand the real magic of how the story Diane wrote and the illustrations I created came together.

Diane continues to be active in animal rescue and education and I recently created some spot drawings for her latest book, "What to Expect When Adopting a Dog."