Postcard "Brochure" for Barnard's OCD
Illustration, Postcard Design
While freelancing for Barnard College in 2005, I was given the opportunity to create a unique, untraditional brochure for the Office of Career Development. The Art Director wanted to utilize my illustration skills and pitched the idea of having a funky set of postcards enclosed in a sheer envelope. The department was on board so off I went!

Each card represents a different topic and includes a bold illustration on the front and helpful steps on the back. I started by sketching out concepts for the different topics and then proposed a couple of illustration styles. For the artwork, I combined scans of drawings with vector shapes, photos and textures. This is a technique I continue to love and use often in my digital artwork. The final set of postcards is really fun, colorful and bright. The department created a matching booth to compliment the cards and I created a matching, custom website as well. I really enjoyed combining my artwork with design for this project. It was great to have clients so open to trying something so different than their usual style and really embrace it. Two of the illustrations I created were featured in the NY GAG Chapter's Hybrid World exhibit in Brooklyn in November, 2011.