Out of the Box Exhibit Booklet
Booklet Design, Art Direction
Out of the Box was an Art Exhibition in 2012 featuring art by more than 40 members of JSDD’s Wae Center. It was held at the JCC Metrowest Gaelen Gallery and Atrium in West Orange, NJ. The center is a holistic, creative and expressive arts learning center for people with disabilities, dedicated to "Finding the Spark Within." I have been working with them since 2005 and have many dear relationships with the members and staff.

We've had numerous exhibits before, but this one was special as it included artwork by all member artists. In honor of that, we wanted to create a booklet highlighting all the current Wae Center artists. The goal was to have it feel fresh, clean and bright and really showcase each unique artist. I proposed a 6" square booklet to give a more modern feel and a palette of white with some bright color pops. We included portraits, artwork, bios and quotes for the artists. One of my favorite quotes in the booklet came from Jay F. who is one of the first members I met and worked with when I began in 2005. When asked about his art he said, "I'm trying to create a lot of things. I'm trying to relax. Stay calm. I'm saying to myself, 'Stay calm and I CAN DO IT!' The worst thing someone can say is that you can't do it. There's no such thing as 'can't.'"

There was such a positive response to the booklet and people conveyed how they really felt the love, passion and relationships that are created and nurtured at JSDD's Wae Center. It truly is an amazing group of people with so much love, warmth and talent.